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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Behind the Redwood Curtain

Howdy from up and over here. Unless you're north of here then it's south of there. You know. Nifty idea and I'm already behind in checking out what's on the site already. Besides some good looking people.

Nope - don't have any pictures. And that can be a good thing. Just hanging out on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Most of the chores are done and the ones that aren't can wait...and wait...and wait. It will be cool enough soon to fire up the wood stove, find a book, find the recliner and then the cat will find me. He figures it out every time.

Happy belated birthdays, Papa and Nana! Okay, how about Rob and Angela? You're way too young to be my Papa and Nana. See, aren't things looking up?

Fun upcoming event is that Carolyn and David will be coming down from Portland to spend T-day in the thriving metropolis of Eureka. One wonderful thing is that Ben and Alice V.Z. will be out of town [that's not the wonderful part] and the three of us will be staying at their house [now, that's the wonderful part]. My one bedroom home just would be a little cozy. And it's free!

Thanks for putting this together - should be a nifty way to stay informed.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining in, Margaret. Cool house you happen to be going to stay in. Bad english.
I do have a photo of your house. Can I upload it?

shauna said...

Well thanks for hollering at us!! now we no you can blog so when you don't were going to bug ya!! Always good to hear from you and hope your doing well!! Oh and we looove and welcome any and all embarassing photos!! Luv ya

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