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Monday, January 5, 2009


Hi gang - let's see...Thanksgiving was enjoyable with Carolyn and David and it was a great opportunity to spend time together. We managed to keep them both in coffee in the mornings and things were smooth sailing after that. The restaraunt we went to on T-day night sits on the bluffs of Trinidad, which is right on the ocean. Some how we scored the upper corner table with windows on two sides. Mama Nature cooperated by having the sun set with a clear sky, so we could watch the descent through the trees and onto the ocean. It was awesome.

Thank you for the picture of the boys - they are good looking kids as are all four of them from what I can see. I did get the flowers, Rob, and they were timed perfectly. Came home for lunch on Christmas Eve and they were there on the porch to greet me. So far the cat has not chewed on them, which I appreciate. He has decided the dried flower arrangement is much more tasty. Go figure.

Christmas was one day off; calm and quiet just like I wanted. Did have a pleasant dinner with friends in the evening. Then back to work and THEN.....I had one week off. The week went well, even managing to get a few things done. Alice Van Zandt ended up in the hospital and she goes home tomorrow. I won't go into the gory details. Let's just say that things should pass more pleasantly for her.

Today was the first day back at work and it makes me wonder why I take vacations! But I know I will survive the next couple of days and then look forward to the next time I can do that.

Thanks for posting the kids singing their lungs and hearts out. It is a terribly cute age and they sounded great!

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shauna said...

i hear ya on the recovery! i wonder why i voluntarily choose to get out of the everyday swing when it clearly takes me longer to get back in!! Good to hear from you hope you have a wonderfull new year!! :)

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